Business Law

You know your business better than anyone. You need a lawyer to complement that knowledge and protect it – not to re-invent it. To accomplish that goal, we work closely with our business clients to strategize during all stages of the life of a business.

We write, review, revise, and negotiate various business contracts and business transactions encountered in each stage of the business life-cycle, such as the following legal services to protect and grow your business:

  • buying and selling businesses
  • financing businesses
  • operating businesses
  • and forming businesses and partnerships

We also understand that every business transaction entails risk. In addition to identifying the risks inherent in each business transaction, we provide legal strategies to mitigate such risk.

We strive to identify, explain, and provide a solution to the risks arising in connection with your business contracts and transactions, but allow you--the business executive--to determine whether to take the risk and, if so, how much risk you want to take to get the deal done.

In these uncertain times, individuals and organizations need experienced, knowledgeable counsel to help them negotiate the rapidly changing demands of modern business. We offer these qualities and the skills necessary to help you effectively balance the risks you take and the rewards you seek.